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Slab Leaks

Is your water meter running or do you hear running water, even when nothing is turned on?
You may have a slab leak! The question refers to a plumbing leak that is occurring under the foundation of a home or commercial building on the pressure side or meter side of the plumbing. In this situation, the homeowner is facing major problems if the leak is not isolated and repaired, because it can cause damage to the entire foundation.

When a home is built on a concrete slab, the water lines are placed under the cement and due to soil acidity the copper can leak. This condition can lead to foundation problems, high water and electrical bills and structural damage to your home. Fortunately most homeowner's policies cover the cost of repairing a slab leak.
At Copper Canyon Plumbing and Leak Detection, our trained and experienced leak detection experts have the latest tools which allow them to quickly and easily pinpoint the source of trouble. Contact us to help you identify a leak and a solution to the problem.

Never allow a plumber into your home or business to repair a leak under your slab if they cannot electronically locate the problem. Unless they just get lucky, they will cause a lot of damage looking for the leak and dramatically increase the cost of repair without increasing the likelihood of success.