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Faucet Repair & Replacement

Is your faucet dripping?

Have you repaired a faucet less than a year ago and it is having problems again?

Faucets can be a tricky repair, not because of the difficulty of making the repair itsself but for the value factor of the repair. Lets face it, it takes less skill, time and money to pull a stem and washer to fix a dripping faucet than it would to replace a set of shut off valves, supply lines and a new faucet.

The real question is whether there is any value in making a repair if in a short period of time the same faucet needs servicing again? Too many times, faucet repairs turn out to be only a band-aid, which makes for an unsatisfied customer and a frustrated plumber. We strive to look at every one of our customers and their situation on an individual basis and give you the best value for your dollar. We give you as many options as possible to take care of your plumbing situation and bring to your attention the pros and cons of each option you have.

So if you have a faucet that’s not functioning the way you like and want a plumber that will treat your plumbing as if it is his own, contact us to find out what your options are and what makes the most sense for you!