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Sewer Line Video Inspection

Are you having periodic sewer backups?

Are you buying a home and want to be sure there are no surprises?

Then you need a Sewer Line Video Inspection! Contact us for fast, accurate results.

If you are having periodic sewer line backups, there are many possible problems, including tree roots, settled pipes, broken pipes, and disjointed pipes. The sewer video inspection not only identifies the problems, but it physically determines the locations of the problems so that cost effective corrections can be made.

Home Buyers

The home inspection is a diligent process, but there are limitations. No matter how much water the inspector runs during the inspection, the condition of the sewer typically cannot be determined without sending a camera down the line. An existing problem with the sewer may not manifest as a backup for quite some time after you take possession. Especially with older homes, the cost of repairing or replacing the sewer can be very expensive. Why take any chances?

Contact us for a fast, accurate video inspection of your sewer lines.