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Pipe Reroutes

Have you had multiple leaks on the same line?

Do you have expensive marble tile or wood floors that you do not want to damage to repair a leak?

You may want to reroute your pipes! When the potable water system is laid out in a foundation/slab, it is done by running multiple hot and cold lines to supply different areas of the home. If a homeowner has had more than one leak on the same line, they may want to elimate that line by rerouing it through the walls and ceiling. This may also be a good option if you have expensive marble or wood flooring that you do not want to damage by going through the floor to repair a leak.

Due to the extra labor and sheet rock repair necessary for a reroute, it is typically more expensive than doing a direct repair through the floor. However, it can be a better long-term investment, because you will never have a leak on that line again. So, contact us to find out if a reroute makes sense, or whether you should make a direct repair to your lines.