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Water Meter Testing and Installation

We provide the following services:

1. Removal of meters for testing. This includes the installation of filler tubes to take the place of meter being tested. Our service also includes the delivery of meters to the county weights and measures department for testing as well as the necessary paperwork involved with testing.

2. Re-installation of meter after passing testing, or if the meter failed testing, the installation of a new meter. Our service includes taking delivery of the meter from the county weights and measures department, removal of the spacer tube and installation of the certified meter.

3. Resistance testing of wires, if meter utilizes a remote reader that is hard-wired from the meter to the remote.

4. Replacement of wires that lead from the meters to the remote, if the wire is found to be faulty. NOTE: This does not include the replacement of reed switches and wires will only be replaced on a meter that is installed in a garage and where the remote is located on the jam of the garage door.

The meter testing process can take from two weeks to two months depending on the amount of meters at the county for testing. You may choose to rent a water meter for the time it takes to get your meter tested. Or, you may need to purchase a new meter if your meter failed testing. For meter rentals or purchases, please contact Bill Greiner at

In order to protect your organization, remember that the company or persons that are removing your water meter’s for testing should have the following credentials:

  • Licensed Service Agent from the State of California.
  • Licensed Plumbing Contractor from the State of California.
  • Commercial liability insurace and bonded
  • The ability to pull additional insured certificates for multi-family dwellings or condominium associations.